Airport Scramble

February 7, 2010 at 9:07 pm 1 comment

The airport was huge. I couldn’t find my gate. I’d been searching for over an hour. I’d looked at maps, I’d asked for help, I’d followed every directional sign that seemed promising. No luck. And now, I was in a real pickle. I had three minutes left before some heavily-made-up, blonde flight attendant locked the door of my plane and prepared the cabin for take-off. And if I missed my plane, oh boy was I in for it. My boss would be livid! This meeting in Toronto was a matter of life and death for the company I worked for. And for my boss, the company was his baby. I’d been chosen to join him, be his “right hand man” at this meeting. If I screwed up, I was sure to be fired.

Finally, I found the gate. How I did it, I’ll never know. I literally glanced up from where I’d been hanging my head in defeat and despair, and saw “Gate 26C” printed in block letters, right in front of me! I ran to the desk and shoved my boarding pass into a pretty airport-lady’s hand. “You’re just in time, they’re about to close the door. Hurry!” I blurted “Thanks” and took off at full speed. I sprinted all the way down the empty carpeted tunnel, my carry-on, briefcase, and heavy down jacket in tow. Faster, faster, come on! At last! I rounded the final corner, caught sight of the blonde, and sure enough, she was about to lock that damn door. She looked at me in surprise, I showed her my pass stub, and she stepped aside to let me in. “Welcome aboard,” she smiled robotically. I replied by panting and heaving in her general direction, and found my way to my seat.



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A Lesson Learned “Unda-da-Sea” Island Dream

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  • 1. sarahmunn  |  February 7, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    This is a creative piece I wrote, also for my Writing class.


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