A Word on Copyright

January 29, 2011 at 8:13 pm Leave a comment

Journalism school has taught me a lot so far, and one point really applies here: The rules of copyright, specifically with photos.

Gone are the days (in my life at least) where copy-and-pasting photos from the Internet was deemed okay. I have now learned that technically, if you use them without permission, it’s copyright infringement.

Here at Elilai Petals, I did my best to always include a photo or two  with each post. The Internet was usually my only resource as it wasn’t feasible to take my own photos all the time. Now I’ve realized I really should have contacted the owners of the websites and asked permission for their photos. Not just the simple, right-click, copy, paste, done.

At least, thank goodness, I made it a bit better by always putting a link to the source of the photo. So I wasn’t entirely infringing on their copyrights… Not entirely at least.

Anyway, as a journalist now (yes, our instructors recommend we call ourselves journalists, even if we’re technically students and aren’t working for anyone), it is my duty to adhere to all the rules and regulations that come with the job. So, I’ll make an effort to take all my own photos, or use other people’s photos with their permission.

The first step? Revamp the blog design and use a photo I have permission for, rather than the really good one I found online. Thanks to Katerina Sieg for her gorgeous chelilai flower photos, one of them now in the header!

Used in new blog header - Courtesy Katerina Sieg


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